AXS Sudan

AXS Logo (Sudan)AXS International, Inc. has formed a partnership with Dr. Hizabr Elsheikh to establish AXS Sudan. The partnership was signed in July  2018 to start a manufacturing facility in Khartoum, Sudan.

AXS International, Inc. has embarked on this partnership with a major Sudanese Group because as an American company we believe in the strength of our Sudanese partners and the bright future of Sudan.

We are convinced that this partnership will pave the road for more American companies to partner up with local Sudanese businesses that are eager to transfer leading American technologies to many sectors of the Sudanese economy in Infrastructure, Oil and Gas, mining, healthcare and agriculture.

AXS Sudan shall be fully operational by October 2018.

AXS Sudan shall have an annual capacity of 7 million AXS liters to serve the needs of Sudan, South Sudan, Niger, Chad, Kenya and other African Sub-Sahara countries.


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