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AXS International, Inc. is the only American research & development manufacturing company specializing in the production and marketing of the Aluminum Network Mesh  (AXS).

AXS Products have many universal applications that are proven to protect humans, assets and the environment from explosions, fires, oil spills and the Green House Effect. AXS International’s corporate office is located in the Greater Detroit Area in Michigan USA with international manufacturing plants in Jordan in partnership with AXS Jordan and in Sudan in partnership with AXS Sudan.

AXS Products are highly functional and efficient. AXS is a thin Network mesh of a special aluminum alloy foil with large surface area and an optimal heat conductivity factor. It completely fills up gasoline or gas containers or tanks using a displacement factor of 1.5% only.

In case of ignition by sparks or open fire, AXS Products reduce the propagation of heat and break up the pressure build up inside the gasoline or gas tank by evenly distributing the pressure over its large surface area preventing both pressure and temperature from reaching the outer tank walls stopping a probable explosion.

Furthermore, AXS Products are proven to reduce the emission of VOC and other toxic vapors by condensing the vapor and returning it into liquid state.