Refinery Fuel Storage Tanks


California refinery fire—proposes-a-more-rigorous-refinery-industry-regulatory-system-in-california

Storage tank fires and explosions claim hundreds of deaths and cost billions of dollars every year. It is almost impossible to control an explosion or a fire inside a tank farm.
When a tank explodes or burns, the fire rages at a dramatic temperature of over 750 degrees. Almost all automatic fire extinguishing systems would melt and be deemed ineffective.
As a result the fires would be allowed to totally burn  causing numerous catastrophic deaths and destruction.


AXS Storage Tank Solution SFRE

Floating Roof Demo
We injected AXS Rolls with a special polyurethane foam that allows them to float on the fuel surface; While regular AXS Rolls are placed in a safety ring surrounding the tank.
The AXS Rolls act as a blanket covering the fuel and depriving the fire from oxygen. Fire temperature was reduced from 750 degrees to 350 degrees allowing the automatic
passive fire extinguishing system to work properly.

This AXS Solution WILL save the tank and the fuel.

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