Traditional explosion prevention measures such as sprinklers or ventilation systems can only  react to accidents, sometimes they worked and other times they were incapable of preventing large scale disasters.

AXS is a passive system that can be applied as a stand alone solution or in addition to existing  solutions.

AXS offers the following benefits:

AXS prevents volatile liquids and gases from exploding.
AXS limits and delays the spread of fire.
AXS increases companies‟ carbon credit.
AXS reduces VOC evaporation by 40%-60%.
AXS reduces sloshing of liquid by 80%.
AXS prevents electrostatic charges by 99%.
AXS increases the crash resistance of tanks by 40%.
AXS contains oil spills in oceans, rivers and lakes.
AXS is reusable and recyclable, with no expiration date.
AXS reduces the diesel foaming during filling by 80%.
AXS displaces approximately 1.5% of the total volume.
AXS is very light (30g/Liter).
AXS is easy to install during production or post production.
AXS is maintenance free.
AXS is nonabsorbent.
AXS is compatible with all common  liquids and gases.

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