AXS Raw Material

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The AXS raw material has gone through over 40 years of research and development to ensure the effectiveness of our special and tailor made applications.
The AXS raw material is made of a special aluminum alloy that includes copper, silicon, and various other materials and plastics with foil thickness varying from 0.05 to 0.2 mm.
AXS Raw Material special alloy is the key reason behind the longevity and effectiveness of AXS products.

AXS Rolls (AXSR)

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AXS Rolls are obtained by cutting and expanding the AXS raw material. The AXS machine AXS R1000 produces a three-dimensional mesh with a honeycomb structure.
AXS Rolls can be produced with various shapes, widths and dimensions depending on the application.
AXS Rolls are used for the protection of large storage tanks and stopping oil spills.

AXS Cylinders (AXSC)

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AXS Cylinders are manufactured by continuously processing the AXS ROLLS through a second machine AXSC1000, short strips are cut, wound up cylindrically and twisted at both ends obtaining a sturdy cylindrical body with homogeneous distribution.
AXS Cylinders are used in Gas Stations Venting Pipes, Gas Stations Pump Chambers, gasoline cans, propane bottles, and most other common applications.



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