Oil Spill Containment


oil Spill 1

Oil Spill 2

Recently, oil spills have become an increasingly persistent problem with frequent recurrence and an insurmountable economical and environmental costs. It takes years and even decades to recover the financial losses and restore animal and marine habitat to its original state.
Until now, most spills have been treated with very inept and ineffective booms that cannot withstand high tides and DO NOT offer a real solution to contain large spills quickly and effectively.


AXS BOOM Skeleton


The AXS SUPER BOOM is an engineered floating structure that uses AXS rolls and Cylinders to trap the crude oil while allowing the water to pass through with no resistance.
The collected oil would form a floating oil lake on the surface of the oceans or rivers that would be skimmed and moved away to be recycled and used.

The AXS BOOM is an economical and highly effective way to protect any water way from any oil spill catastrophe.



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