Gas stations Pump Chambers


Chevron Gas station ire in Alska

New Pump ChamberDirty pump Chamber

According to the NFPA, there are over 5000 fires in the 168,000 US gas stations every year causing many injuries and deaths and costing over 20 million dollars in damages.

One cause of these fires is the buildup of gasoline vapor inside the Pump Chambers and increased levels of electrostatic ratios. These chambers are in need of constant maintenance due to water and rust damage.

The absence of passive safety systems permits any wrong move to cause fires or explosions.

Every underground tank must have a pump chamber.



AXS Pump Chamber

The NFPA in the US and the ATEX directive in Europe have placed many rules and specified many standards to unify the safety codes in pump chambers at gas stations.
One easy and economical solution is filling the AXS cylinders in small easy to handle aluminum wire bags and placing them inside these chambers. As a result, the vapor is condensed eliminating the risk of fires or explosions.

These bags could be removed when maintenance is needed and placed back in the pump chamber when done.

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